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March 2015 desktop on XP by Dogman15
March 2015 desktop on XP
So this is the desktop of a computer I don't use much anymore, but at least I still have it! A lot of the older desktops in my gallery, I no longer have those computers. This particular computer can't really run any video games made after 2002 or so. But it handles Gold Source games (by Valve) okay.
End of 2014 desktop by Dogman15
End of 2014 desktop
I haven't uploaded anything in a while, so here's what my laptop's desktop currently looks like. The background image itself changes every hour, but the icons and programs and folders and files on the desktop don't change much from day to day. Maybe over many weeks, yes.

Mann Co. Monkeynautics is a reference to Special Delivery in Team Fortress 2.
'White Savior' in media by Dogman15
'White Savior' in media
In fiction, the idea of the "White Savior" is "a white character rescues people of color from their plight" (quoting Wikipedia). All of the films (and one book) pictured here share one thing in common. In them, an individual from a more advanced race or species visits the land or planet of a race or species less advanced, and shows them new things they haven't seen before. In most of the stories here, if not all, the two wildly different individuals fall in love with each other. Another common thread is an individual on the visiting side who has no care or regard for the population they are coming to.

Animorphs: Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan (an Andalite) goes to the Hork-Bajir planet and sees the Hork-Bajir seer Dak Hamee. Alloran-Semitur-Corrass serves as the Andalite who wants to wipe out the Hork-Bajir so the Yeerks can't use them.
Avatar: Jake Sully goes to Pandora and sees the Na'vi Neytiri. Colonel Miles Quaritch wants to tear down the forest to find unobtanium.
The Last Samurai: Captain Nathan Algren is taken captive in a samurai's village in the mountains of Japan. While there, he comes to sympathize with the Japanese in 1876. He comes into a light romance with Taka, the widow of the samurai he killed earlier. I'm not sure who the "bad guy" is, since I haven't seen this film. Read TV Tropes and Wikipedia
FernGully: The Last Rainforest: Zak Young goes to the FernGully rainforest with Crysta and falls in love with her. Hexxus is the manifestation/personification of pollution that is harming the rainforest.
Pocahontas: John Smith visits North America (Virginia or Maryland) and sees Pocahontas and the Powhatan people. He eventually develops romantic feelings for her. Governor John Ratcliffe serves as the "bad guy" who wants to "kill all the savages" and take the new land.
Dances With Wolves: In 1863 (13 years before The Last Samurai), Lieutenant John J. Dunbar goes to Fort Sedgwick after winning a Civil War battle for the Union. He sees Stands With A Fist (a white woman captured years ago) of the Sioux, and I think that's the romantic interest. The "bad guy" appears to be the U.S. Army.
Since my last journal, and I don't have much to show for it. My foot healed months ago, I just got a new laptop (though the old one still works when you plug it into an external monitor), and I'm going to BABScon in April. Ask me anything.
  • Playing: Left 4 Dead 2


Dogman15's Profile Picture
Jordan Olling
United States
I can sort of draw some things, with varying degrees of success, but I'll never be a good artist. I like enjoying the art that other people make. Here's the rest of what my profile has said for the past few months/years:

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything but bad rap.
Favourite photographer: Anyone who goes the extra mile to get a great shot.
Favourite style of art: Simple: Pencil and Paper (when I draw); Digital (for others' art)
Operating System: Windows XP or 7
MP3 player of choice: Nintendo 3DS Sound
Shell of choice: Koopa (red)
Wallpaper of choice: Something that didn't come with the operating system
Skin of choice: Epidermis
Personal Quote: Imagination and creativity don't mean a thing if you can't draw well.


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